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WHAT Is                        ?

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A proven methodology that produces the foundation with which you can create influence & impact for your Brand Awareness (Firm), your Thought Leadership (Individual) and your Approach to Problem Solving (Philosophy). That foundation contains three core building blocks: Brand Presence, Brand Message, Brand Content through the lens of the market you are here to serve.

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Practical, hands on and all about putting the foundation in place with which you build the empire on top of.


Clarity of how you show up online, clarity of the key messages your audience is seeking most, and clarity of the content (look, feel and focus) and where to place that content for the best possible return.

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We compiled a list of 60 individuals most important to the firm. We prepared a personalised invite to all 60 - interviews first to distill what mattered most to them. The insights revealed they all felt the first 18-months post Central Bank Authorisation was a minefield for Fund Management Companies (ManCos)


We created First18 - a Brand Owned Media Piece featuring the insights from 28 key individuals of interest. That Media piece was prolifically promoted across the industry and was the first of a 5-part media series.




Results are not guaranteed to be reproducible. They are an indication of past performance.


Mainstream Media called for expert comment.

Personal Brand Awareness put him in the top 2% of the sector



In the first ever Media Piece. Thought Leaders, Industry Stakeholders sought him to participate in adjacent initiatives


4000% increase in brand awareness over 14-months

260% increase in revenue over 14-months

Known, Liked, Trusted by key decision makers before they even met




Fresh, fun and engaging content for such technical subject matter.


Really well made, well marketed media piece that got to the heart of the matter



Co-creating with and through the market you are here to serve facilitated meaningful relationships while making way for future opportunities to collaborate and work together.

innovation won




Three types of Influence;

Brand Awareness (Firm), Thought Leadership (Individual), Approach to Problem Solving (Philosophy)

Where are we influencing?

Outcomes from Influence

Tools to measure influence

Who are we influencing?

Industry Stakeholders:


Firms who need your product


Firms to buy your company


Firms to partner with you


Thought Leaders & Industry Events to reach out and collaborate with you


Attract talent


Positioning yourself in an existing or new sector

Where are we influencing?


Individuals inside media formats



Audience watching Media Formats

Search results

Referenced media

Outcomes from Influence


Number of Public Experiences

Number of Individuals engaged inside a media format

Quality of those individuals

Target Audience Attitudes and Behaviours, Uptake and Use

Significant Change


Size of Audience engagement: likes & comments

Search Results

Referenced/Shared Media across industry

Tools to measure Influence

Number of New Relationships


Media Tracking - brand owned and search results

Media Framing


Media Coverage


Formal, Semi-Formal and Casual Meetings


Invitations to Opportunities up to 1 year post.


Interviewing Individuals and probing influence after the fact


Surveys, Focus Groups and Direct Response



Media & Promotion

Producing quality media through meaningful contribution is step 1.


Prolifically sharing that content across multiple media channels, consistently for 6-consecutive months is phase 2.


Producing content that addresses the core ideas, challenges and problems being resolved inside the industry you are here to serve is brand owned content that travels far and wide.


It is not about creating Brand Love or Brand Advocacy - it is about creating Brand Value through the perception of your industry.

FREE 70-Minute Workshop for Small Firms selling to

Big Firms

We are not a perfect fit for everyone. The ones that we are a good match for, the results speak for themselves.


This 70-Min Workshop is bespoke to your firm and situation, facilitated by us and uses the TBF labs Methodology to resolve your most efficient route to growth.


We will both know inside these 70-Minutes, if we are a good match, or if there is an alternative approach to growth that suits you better.


There is an intake form to complete, a video required for the session and all business owners are strongly encouraged to participate.