Special Announcement, 24 March 2021


Teach a Brand to Fish is making way for the next chapter of innovation and growth for itself.


We celebrate 12 incredible years working with more than 1700  small businesses in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Middle East, and Russia over the past 12 years resolving how to create sustainable and profitable growth.


Those 12 years have provided enormous insight on how to growth hack systems, create with the minimum possible and engineer change, momentum and results. 

I have also learned not to take myself too seriously, how to have fun, and most importantly, how to fail forward and innovate chaos.  It's been an epic journey and Im truly grateful for being part of that ride with me. 


TBF Labs picks up where TABTF left off.


Live in April 2021, TBF Labs arrives with a mandate to support small firms selling to financial services firms. 

TBF Labs will focus on creating Influence, Experience and Promotion for Small Firms - and comes with an Independent Advisory Team to share insights on Regulatory Perspectives, Third Party Risk Management as well as Selling your Firm to a big Firm when that time comes.

Over the coming weeks, all TABTF media will turn over to TBF Labs. 

Questions, comments and inquiries on working with TBF Labs can be sent to shannon@tbflabs.com 

TABTF emails will remain active until mid-April 2021