an Advisor, Consultant or Subject Matter Expert and your time, resources and budgets are used carefully. 

You love the idea of having fun, co-creating to something that contributes in meaningful ways and you've got a few things worth sharing.

You have a lifetime of experience, a methodology or two, and a desire to be in service. The challenge is that not enough people know about you. 

We support Consultants in three ways: 

  • Brand Awareness (Firm)

  • Thought Leadership (Individual & Personal Brand)

  • Philosophy (Your approach to solving problems)

A simple, intuitive and common sense approach to being known, liked and trusted by your ideal audience that leads to growth, partnerships and a deeper understanding of how to present your content in ways that have your audience saying yes. 

Influence & Impact Program

For Consultants working in the Personal Growth Space: 


A media platform that explores personal growth in three areas: Self Healing, Self Development and Meaningful Work for an international audience comprised of professional individuals aged 40+ new to this area of inquiry. 

The opportunity for practitioners is to show up inside our media, our audience in ways that support your Brand Awareness, your Thought Leadership and your Philosophy in multiple ready made media formats including audio, video, design, text based content. 

Participate in online panels, events and workshops or opt in to our annual Mini Conference that takes place in February. 

  • Done for you media

  • Done for you promotion

  • Done for you partnerships

  • Done for you collaboration 

Join our 9-Month Pilot program for only €250/month 

Paid in 3 equal instalments of €750 in July, August and September

It all starts with a free 70-Minute Workshop

Free resources:

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Shannon Eastman is a perfect blend of business know-how and the cutting-edge in mind technology and practical personal development. She helped me personally find clarity in my mission and in a world where business is becoming much more aligned with the soul purpose of the individual, she's right there doing the work that has to be done to really grow your next venture "from good to great." I highly suggest you have a chance to work with her. In less than one session, I already felt I was in the right direction.  Greg Bornstein, Podcaster, Workshop Designer, Faciltator