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Shannon Eastman

GrowthHacker, Communications Advisor, Management Consultant, Human Behaviour Expert, Small Firm Advocate and Creative Director at

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I grew up in marketing, media and sales working for big firms in USA, Canada, Russia, Middle East and UK.

It was circa 2009 when I decided to venture out on my own to resolve sustainable and profitable business growth for small firms. Teach a Brand to Fish was born and small firms selling to big firms was my focus.

My frustration with marketing grew as I began to grimace at the marketing industry's direction - "get brand love", "get brand advocates" and "build sales funnels that churned out brand content to an audience meant to fall in love with it." 

For the most part, people hate advertising. They don't want to fall in love with brands and products. They aren't all that keen on brand content for the sake of brand content. 

So what then? How do we resolve business growth for small firms that is both sustainable and profitable? It would be 5 years running my own Growth Consultancy before I found an unquenchable desire to pioneer the evolution of business development. In 2014 I ran a Growth Workshop for Small Firms with that exact title. It wasn't my best event - but it was a milestone moment for me in ways that I would only get to fully comprehend years later.


TBF Labs is the evolution of Teach a Brand to Fish - the growth consultancy I set up circa 2009. TBF Labs is the embodiment of more than 2 decades of applied research into creating sustainable and profitable growth for Small Firms selling to Big Firms. And it's mandate is very simple; flip-the-script from your brand message, to your market's internal dialogue and selling becomes a warm fuzzy feeling, not a 'humping legs moment'. 

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I went digital shortly after that Growth Workshop in 2014.

I converted my entire consultancy in London UK into an online digital platform with digital products before I relocated to the Middle East 

I learned a lot! With clients in the four corners of the earth, my greatest pain point was timezones. The rest was about resolving greater degrees of leverage for small firms.

End 2016, I returned to Dublin Ireland to be close to the family - (mum lives 5 minutes up the road, and the rest of the family lives 10 minutes down the road) I took an office in Rathmines, Dublin 6, sought ways of bringing value to small firms selling to big firms - and fouond myself neck deep inside the Financial Services industry. 

In year 1 of our Global Pandemic, I resolved to innovate and outrun the virus and its impact on business. I thought it would go away in a few months, and the best thing I could do in a crisis, was to adapt. I was half right, half wrong. 


In October 2020, I designed, launched and ran Funds Ireland Mini Con - as a new way to facilitate growth for Small Firms  in a world climatising to lock down, and a new normal. A success on all counts - as the pandemic raged on.