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Your Mindset trumps your Marketing 3 to 1

Updated: May 13

Growth is 3 parts Mindset, 1 part Marketing effort.

Another way of saying this is:

It is probably time for you to outgrow your own bullshit.

And for the purpose of this exchange, I am directing this entire article at me, circa 2015,

Marketing, business development, sales, media, PR are so important that it gets a weighting of 50% in the business hierarchy of importance.

And yet - mindset - is triple important as it drives the reality with which your marketing shows up in.

First, here are my assumptions:

  1. You are the business owner

  2. Your business is stuck and frustrated

  3. You are the Bruce Lee in this area you operate in - and yet - you're the best kept secret going

  4. You've consumed 100 marketing videos, articles, how to, courses, and the like - Marketing is not the problem here so much as getting results worthy of your business is a problem

  5. You saw the title of this post and it landed squarely center mass

Smack, boom, bang. Meh!

It can be so frustrating.

I know first hand from my own experience, and from hundreds of conversations just like the one we are about to have in this here article now.

So, I'd reckon 90% of TBF labs clients have displayed ever increasing degrees of anxiety and fear mostly in these three stages of the Growth Process.

1. Clarity stage

which is pretty much step 1. So we're off with a bang out the gate. Turns out that bang is them hitting the floor. Hah.

2.Target Audience stage

which is a paradox - so fair enough that at first glance it triggers FOMO and Fear and Anxiety and whatever else rocks up with that gang of gremlins.

3. Meaningful Action stage

This is them showing up and being seen - Hah!

This one is a doozy.

The 4 most common reasons for our Mindset to trip us up in the business development efforts include:

We strongly dislike marketing

Including; marketing people - being seen - we can't bear self promotion. The bias is known, obvious and even laughed about.

Bill Hicks - Marketing & Advertising People? Kill yourself!

We know too little about something,

yet our ego thinks we know enough (it all) and dismisses insights at face value because you can already predict the outcome, details or supporting narrative.

Unconscious Patterns - I unpack this toward the end of this article.

playing out with roots hidden from us that force a particular outcome of no-result Tree metaphor goes here.

Not appreciating the enormous distinction between Strategic and Tactical efforts

And that has us doing all sorts of one-off tactical stuff that is not rooted in anything, never mind, strategic. And We cry out to the heavens, fists pumping....


Yeah. I know. The good news is once you become aware of it, you can start to shift it. The mind that imprisons is the same mind that sets one free.

The Mind is a Reality Making Machine.

Your mind must go out and collect evidence to prove your (limited) beliefs are true.

It cannot go against what you believe to be right.

Fact. Exclamation point. Period.

Your Limiting Beliefs are rooted in your unconscious self.

The expression of those deeply rooted Limiting Beliefs are presented in your thinking self - the daily dialogue you are having with yourself that is fueling the reality you are living.

Tending to the daily expression of your limiting beliefs doesn't help.

It's futile I tell ya!

Let's use a tree metaphor, please.

Fruit on the tree is the expression of the core roots that are enabling that tree to grow and express.

In our example this is the daily playing of your story. Self defeating, anxiety making narrative that your record player spins off to you day in and day out.

If you have an orange tree growing... (a record in your head playing) - and you are pissed off with the freaking oranges -(Eg. that narrative needs to go) - and you are willing and positive thinking your orange tree into a banana tree -

not only are you totally screwed out of bananas -

but you are going to turn that "perceived" failure of an orange tree not turning into a banana tree on yourself. Compounded interest baby in all the ways that teaches us the hard way. Geesh!

You don't change the daily narrative by willing it, positive thinking it or similar

- you must. go. into. the. roots. It's not really your fault. This stuff is not mainstream education by any means.

And yet it is the very thing that will keep you stuck in this Groundhog Day existence until you can successfully pivot out of it.

Your limiting Beliefs have roots in your unconscious self that need tending to if the expression of those limiting beliefs are to alter from, passive aggressive expression, to a harmonious expression.

From an orange tree to a banana tree, metaphorically speaking.

Shannon Eastman, Growth Consultant

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