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Three Phases of Growth for Small Medium Business

Updated: May 13

I made this up years ago, and took a few liberties with the labelling of the X and Y axis. It is still viable today and I guess that made me leave the labelling alone.

The X Axis is labelled - Velocity and the numbers allocated to the X axis are thoughtful and deliberate - but they need you to be a bit creative in how they apply to your business please.

The Y Axis is labelled Leverage - it is then divided into 4 quadrants and starting at the top working our way down, we give each of the 4 quadrants the following letters: S. T. E. P. - S.T.E.P. will express uniquely for each of the three phases: Manufacture, Maximise and Momentum.

The Three Phases of Growth are listed along the top of three columns in the visual below

Manufacture - This is going from Zero to One

With your proactive marketing efforts. We are digging the earth, pouring the concrete, laying a solid foundation that we will put a Castle on top of in due course.

Maximise - This is going from 1 to 10

With your proactive marketing efforts. We have a solid foundation, we have the castle walls up on the ground level and we are maximising our systems, processes, sales funnels, Feel Goods, Free Goods, Trial Goods and the Invest in Goods process. We are collecting intel, course correcting and implementing to beat the band.

Momentum - This is going from 10 to Infinity

with your established, proven and successful proactive marketing efforts. Now we are looking at other target markets, new geographies, we are innovating, elevating and being sought out for collaborations and all sorts.

The TBF labs S. T. E. P. Method will express differently depending whether you are in Manufacture, Maximise, and/or Momentum.

We have made the TBF labs S. T. E. P. Method for Zero to One available throughout this site. A visual of it for Manufacture / Zero to One Phase is here again for ease of reference.

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