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The ROI of a Personal Brand - 2021 Edition

Updated: May 13

For many reasons, 2021 is set to be the year that has people stepping more fully into the idea of establishing, and or reviving, their Personal Brand.

If the subject is reasonably new to you, it can feel daunting and abstract. You would not be alone in that feeling. Thus, getting commercially clear on what's what isn't always easy to assemble. Hence this wee post on your ROI.

I have a number of free Personal Brand resources available to you over here if you're already on the way to figuring out the why, what and how of your own Personal Brand.

The ROI of a Personal Brand

The return from your Personal Brand Investment has the potential to span commercial returns and personal returns.

I say potential because a Personal Brand needs work. The returns I list here are returns that reflect the equal and opposite effort that went into establishing that brand. I am not here to sell you a get rich quick, or a gimmick to get thousands of followers in 24hrs. I am here to present a very practical and grounded look at what is possible for those who are setting out on this path with the long game in mind.

Commercial ROI of a Personal Brand:

  1. Being Seen as an Expert ticks the know, like, trust boxes before you even get into the room

  2. Being discovered by your unknown-to-you audience seeking a solution to the problem you solve

  3. You have a platform to share your wisdom, insights and experience for your audience to acquire a more efficient route to resolving something similar

  4. You get a greater, more in-depth and rich understanding of your area of genius - because the best way to embody your a subject matter (still today) is to teach it

  5. Monetising your genius so you are in the position of being paid handsomely for what you truly love to do

  6. Access to serving ever greater numbers of people that in turn produces ever greater levels of wealth

  7. Expedite the Sales Cycle (Recruitment Process) by proactively implementing a sales funnel to get you the sale or the ideal job

Personal ROI of a Personal Brand:

  1. Clarity of your area of genius in a form that your audience favourably responds to

  2. Clarity of your thing that makes money

  3. Alignment of Head/Heart that feels congruent and meaningful to you

  4. Access to the most efficient path to self actualisation

  5. Influence your online presence from what it is, to what works hardest for you

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