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S.T.E.P. Method firms use to grow on purpose

Updated: May 13

It is a simple, practical and helpful method that helps us both resolve very quickly where your business is right now in your business development cycle before we tease out the best possible starting point to achieve the ideal outcome.

Like a lot of things at TBF labs, this is the byproduct of more than 2 decades of practice, innovating and course correcting.

Everything we do at TBF labs falls out of one of these 4 core areas: S. T. E. P.

This Method produces sustainable and profitable results.

What is less easy to capture in this post about out S.T.E.P. Method is the enormous opportunities (access to influencers, invitations to participate in shared projects and the inspired campaigns that businesses get to experience inside the application of this Method. Those opportunities are numerous and often revealed when we are inside meaningful action.

Have a good look at our S.T.E.P. Method Overview below - you will likely find that you have a lot more boxes ticked than you realise, and the one or two left to action will probably make 80% of the difference. (In my experience, those 1 or 2 actions are almost always tied to Market Research). Click the image to access the hi-res PDF version of the #TBFlabs S.T.E.P. Method.

TBF labs S.T.E.P. Method

If this is ticking your boxes, then allow me to put a few more resources your way:

1. Captured Clarity Process as presented above in S can be found over here.

2. When it comes to execution, our Zero-to-Momentum-inside-16-Weeks infographic can be helpful.

Namaste kids!



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