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Personal Brand Club: From Clarity to Credibility

Updated: May 13

Personal Brand Club #PBC is coming to town early 2021 with a vision and mission that has probably been in the works for 15 years.

It's only now that I feel I have sufficient clarity, resources, insight and know how to be able to facilitate alignment of who you be, with what you do, in a way that inspires you to be in service, while being well compensated for it. To get access to the media platforms to leverage that make room for third party endorsement and ultimately the credibility you deserve.

For many of us up to something bigger than ourselves, we need to be seen, be credible, and be visible.

And that's about the time we shiver at the horror of self promotion; throw a wee wobble and roll our eyes as we recall all those ones out there brand-wanking.

We resolve that No! No we will not bow to that. We don't like when that person does it, I certainly don't want to be seen doing similar.

We slink off resolute that self-promotion is not for us...

And then time passes and before you know it, we are humping legs to make sales, using smoke and mirror gimmicks to trick our super smart audiences into thinking we are something that we are not yet - but god forbid we own that up front. No, we will blag it - we're desperate and we don't know better.

We claim how excited we are that we get to speak for this. win that award, be interviewed here, or speak there. Nobody cares. But you don't know how else to put a spotlight on your genius... and desperation trumps all other known logic - and just like that... you wade into the part of promotion akin for humping legs.

The struggle is real!

Humping Legs is one way of (self) promoting, here’s another way.

Authentic stories, aligned fully with your invitation, that is extrapolated by your peers on their media platforms in ways that ensures value to the listener, the interviewer and your brand. Then third party promoted for you.

Because it is perfectly ok for me to declare your genius and value to the world. Less ok for you to tell us you're amazing.

Personal Brand Club is seeking to kit out all you square pegs being shoved into round holes as you continue to create something bigger than you area - with a resource that inspires those who see it, that feels aligned with how you want to do business, and doesn't involve you humping any one legs. I promise.

PBC has 4 levels - you can engage 1, 2 or all 4 whenever you want. Each phase is approx. 4 weeks - for a total of 16 weeks. In some cases, we may even run into 20 weeks.

Level 1: Clarity

Level 2: Leverage

Level 3: Influence

Level 4: Credibility

Why Personal Brand Club?

Because I realise that with more than 20 years in the industry - I know a lot that you probably don't. I have #growthhacks that I can introduce to keep this compact and rich with value. And I am inspired by people Being Yourself. Your true self - that is where we find more flow, less force. That is where we are most fully expressing our service, and delivering craftsmanship.

There is a sequence of activities

to resolve with your Personal Brand including:

  • having you interviewed,

  • with your own media assets,

  • that is third party promoted for you

  • that drives traffic to your online presence which in most cases will be your own website, but in some cases, will be a business site, or a Linked-in profile or even a Facebook Page.

Personal Brand Club exists for you to move through the phases of Clarity to Credibility in ways that feel great.

If you are building a personal brand in any of the three following three areas, PBC might be worth looking at more closely:

  1. Financial Services

  2. Coaching & Mentoring

  3. Intrapreneurs and their careers

Shannon Eastman, Growth Consultant

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Shannon Eastman is a growth consultant, human behaviour expert, communications adviser, management consultant, mentor and business coach. Shannon is the Host of inside GROWTH, Founder of Funds Ireland MiniCon and an Advisor to starts ups in the Middle East.

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