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Daniel Lawlor, Ex-Regulator, Funds Lawyer, Adviser on his Personal Brand journey

Updated: May 13

Daniel Lawlor

Meet Daniel Lawlor:

As the former head of the Central Bank of Ireland’s Funds Policy Team and the Central Bank’s Project Lead on CP86, Daniel was involved in designing, drafting and implementing regulatory initiatives affecting the funds industry from 2010 to 2017.

Today, Daniel Lawlor is MD of Aquest; a boutique firm dedicated to improving your experience with the Financial Regulator.

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This is podcast I did with Daniel Lawlor of Aquest Advisory on what it was like creating and developing his personal brand. (Full disclosure, Danny is a client of TABTF.)

This conversation is a look behind the scenes:

  1. The wins and the gremlins along the Personal Brand journey.

  2. What he knows now that he didn't when we first began

  3. Surprise benefits that he enjoyed most

  4. The anxiety and how he managed that until he didn't have to

  5. His advice for professionals thinking about doing something similar

  6. And his thoughts on what he would do differently if he had it to do all over again

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