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Clarity Tools - To resolve; Input, Tension, Structure and Visual Cues to live the dream

Updated: May 13

A wee introduction to Clarity.

Clarity is a state of being clear.

Clarity is the Macro.

Focus is its' Micro.

Clarity that lifts you into meaningful action has a few key attributes.

Input from both Head & Heart

The Thinking Self is the Sat Nav that resolves how to get you to your end destination.

The Heart Self knows what it wants and where it's going.

Tension between today and later

Only that is too broad and vague and will cause the metaphorical rope tied to today and later to sag in the middle. We can't have that. So we put in place struts to shift the sag into a climb

Structure that organises priorities and high valued actions

Between 3 years from today, 12-months out, 6 months out, inventory of today and then resolving the highest valued actions to take over the immediate 90-days.

Visual Cues

So, so, so important. Like one of the most important. Because it is the environment that is the sole governing influence over you and your day. Creating a visual cue of where you're going and what today's priorities are make a whole lot of difference.

TBF labs Clarity Canvas - Free Access

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