growth hacking
for small business

Growth hacking is having a love affair with innovation

and uncertainty. - Common Sense

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Meet Shannon Eastman

I am a Growth Hacker, Human Behaviour Expert, Communications Advisor, Creative Director & Media Owner

I head up TBF labs with a full time team, based in the Philippines, responsible for all the implementation you and I can handle. 

We use growth hacking techniques to create Influence & Impact for your

  • Brand Awareness (your firm),

  • Thought Leadership (personal brand)

  • Philosophy (your approach to problem solving)

in a form that your audience wants more of and you enjoy producing. 

I have 2 decades working with marketing, media, sales, PR, growth hacking, innovation and transformation for small business in USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Middle East, Europe and Australia. 

If you are not thinking about leverage 6x a day, perhaps you don't appreciate

how powerful leverage is for your business. Joe Guthrie




"Business Growth takes place at the intersection of Terrified and Excited." #TerriCited - Shannon's Experience

Image by Dylan Ferreira

It all starts with a bespoke, 70-Minute