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For Small Firms selling to Big Firms who value

collaboration and the collective wisdom





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Small Firms benefit our economy, facilitate innovation and evolution and offer Big Firms efficient ways to solve problems while mitigating risk. 

There is a bridge where Small Firms and Big Firms meet to resolve problems, create solutions and optimise efficiency for both players.

Creating value, innovating progress and achieving results is a two-way street that drives mutual commercial value.

It's a simple flip of the script, from boardroom conversations that lead with your Small Firm product, service and ideas, to a conversation that leads with the ideas, problems and desired outcomes your Big Firm audience is already having. Small Firms that weave into the already existing narrative in ways that add value, innovate progress and achieve results is the new business development agenda.

We start with a Free 50-Minute Workshop to sketch out a path forward for you and your business that resolves the best form of  Influence for your leadership team and Experience your business can create, that has the highest probability of success.


Case Studies

What They're Saying

260% increase in Revenue in 16-Months

Have you seen the movie “Pulp Fiction”? Do you remember The Wolf (Harvey Keitel’s character)? That’s Shannon. She’s solves problems and gets results. Do what she says and you’re golden. Simple.

Daniel Lawlor, Aquest Advisory, Funds